GalaxyHostFree Rules

1- By registereing on you hereby agree to the following terms of you agree to following: has the full right to save your IP address, Cookies, All info that may get used to take actions against you in-case of: Denial of service attacks ( DDOS ), Attempts to hack any server related to us ( ). may delete, close, ban your account for no reason at any time without any warns. All VPS servers provided by us ( ) are provided without any real support or warrants. By using our service you should’ve already read our “ Terms of Service “ and agree on them.

2- You shouldn’t abuse any bugs that are found on main website or any service related to us and you should report them to an admin or a moderator so he can pass it to a higher admin, abusing bugs will only lead to a ban or a account delete.

3- may use your forum information to compare results with VPS or any related service only in-case of illegal actions.

4- all your information are secured and not shared with any thirdy-party for any reason.

5- You should only request 1 server, else all servers will be cancelled.

6- Don’t use a proxy or a VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) while registering or log-in or even a fake email or a temp. one.

7- You need keep your server active log in to your VPS Account atleast every 7 days due high demand of other application who may need VPS also.

8- Once your application is approved you not allow to host: Mail Servers, Music Bots, DMCA Files, Torrents, Any Illegal & Copyrighted files, No Mining, MP3 Files, DDoS Scripts or related, Black List IPv4, Abuse server reosurces, Share Account Access with third person, sell free VPS. All rules may not be mention at this time however you not sure if you can host your service ask our support on forum. Please note we dont take any responsibilty for data loss as this is beta everyone need to have daily backups, we dont garantee any uptime in cause of bug found and fixes. All Orders may get rejected with any reason and VPS can be terminated with any reason. This VPS will be provided as educational..